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Satalice: Rip and Tear! - Vampire_Seraphin - 10-14-2018 12:30 PM

My first mech does not hold a special place in my heart like most mechwarriors. Dad picked it because he thought the Shad would be safe for a novice. We both found out how wrong he was when we first tangled with those clan armored troops. Uncle Mike, rest his soul, got me a scout mech because it was what fit with his TO&E. But Captain Meksi pulled some strings to get me a mech that can FIGHT! I think the old drac understands. When you’re born into a warrior family like the two of us, the need to fight is so strong it burns. Dad doesn't approve of me piloting an infighter like the Badger, but I can see the twinkle in Mom’s eye like she’s remembering wilder days.

Last night I got to really put the Badger through its paces. We chased a clan recon force up into the mountains. They didn’t turn and fight till they hit a dead end of deep ravines with no way out but past us. I looked into one afterwards. If you stepped wrong I think you’d fall forever. The Captain had us split up to prevent any retreat and closed in. He even had Warden sweep in to close off the rear. Wiley old snake.

We knocked out several clan hovercraft on our flank while keeping our distance from the cliffs. No one wanted to find out how long it would take to hit bottom. Once we had cleared up a few of them, we closed in for the real action, and the clanners knew it. One Exterminator managed to break out chased by Pacheco and some of his goons, but we had the rest bottled up.

A clan Hermes charged right at me! His chest was blown all apart and I could see the engine inside. It was glowing nova hot, and I bet he was going to explode! But I got him first. Mom was watching from her tank on the other side of the field and I bet she was so proud! I ducked under his wild snatches, and grabbed both sides of the rent in his chest with my mechs fists. Then I ripped that little clanner right in half before he could blow up on any of us! The Badger is so strong. He tore just like paper.

We still had work to do though. I chased the Captain & the rest of the badger pilots into the fray and squared off with a clan Sentinel. He missed with his gauss rifle, then I grabbed him by the ankle and pulled his leg right off. I was about to beat him to death with it when the clanners cried uncle. Almost all their mechs were down then, and I guess they knew a lost cause when they saw, it even in the dark. I love this mech.

- End Journal Entry, Lt Sarissa Royce.