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Full Version: Contract 1: AARs
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Handeras' Canyons, Star's End, Near Periphery
0600 hours, October 14, 3005

Lieutenant Ezekiel looked at his scanners once again, there was still no sign of any enemy contact and at this point he wasn't expecting there to be. He and his lance had been exploring this particular series of canyons for two days now and they had been on planet for almost 20 days, searching fruitlessly. The canyons were mostly barren, though every so often the dry, ancient river bed, yielded a dry copse of trees or scrub brush. Roughly a kilometer ahead, the intel report from the Commonwealth had spotted several structures that had to be investigated. Ronald was sure it would be as empty as the last dozen sites. Still, he forced himself to stay alert, a complacent soldier was a dead soldier. He activated his mic as he dodged his Thunderbolt around a particularly rough patch of the canyon floor, "Sixie, take your Jenner wide to the west and see if you can't get a visual on these buildings we're supposed to check out. It might be as empty as the last dozen but I don't want to be taken by surprise if it isn't. Arc, Scarm, form up on me and keep your eyes open."

As usual, his subordinate's rambunctious response worried him, "Right away, Boss, I'm on it!" The entire sentence was spoken so fast the words seem to merge together, all the same, the small Jenner took off to the west, with a practiced grace. Scarm grunted his response as he pulled his Enforcer in formation to Ezekiel's and Arc replied with a crisp, "Yes, sir." as her Hunchback pulled up to his right. His three 'Mechs walked at a deliberate but steady pace and he scanned his sensors the whole way, hoping for a reading, but expecting nothing. His forth 'Mech quickly disappeared around another bend in the winding canyon

Suddenly, his sensors rang out and before he could react his 'Mech was sent rocking. He steadied his machine and then located his attacker, a small Locust darted back behind cover before anyone could react. A shot from Scarm's Enforcer went well wide of the target. Ezekiel slammed the controls of his Thunderbolt, forcing the 'Mech to turn sharply so his back wasn't any easy target if the Locust returned, he activated his mic, "Looks like we've got company. Harper! Do you see anything?" A second later, Ezekiel saw the glow of the Jenner's jets and a second later Sixie was on the comms, "Not yet boss-man. I'm jumping to the canyon top to see if I can see anything from up here - Whoa!" Over the comms, Ezekiel heard the muted sound of an autocannon firing, "Looks like we've got some activity, sir! I see a Centurion and at least a platoon of medium armor. We've got serious company at this outpost. And I don't think they're happy to see me."

The old mechwarrior grunted and started his Thunderbolt forward again, "Got it Sixie, get back here and form up with the rest of us. We're going in together. Arc, watch my back while we move up and Scarm, you and I are going to start some fires. See if we can't flush out any more flankers or at least give us cover while we close." Marching at a slow pace, the Lancets finally reached the outskirts of the pirate outpost, they had been persistently dogged by the Locust and unfortunately the pilot was excellent at dodging. While he didn't inflict a lot of damage with his light 'Mech, he managed to land at least four hits for every one he took in return.

Ezekiel marched his Thunderbolt past a burning copse of trees and he finally had visual on the outpost. He was immediately greeted by a flurry of LRMs and autocannon fire. Most of it went wide but enough got through and began chipping away at his armor, his return fire was hampered by the heavy smoke in the area. Despite how little vegetation there was in the canyon everything seemed to be on fire; including the outpost itself. He cursed knowing that fire would likely destroy whatever parts the pirates had stored in the buildings, "Arc, see if you can't find some cover and make an approach, we need to get in there and deal with these guys. Sixie, try and deal with that Locust, or at least keep him off our asses."

His MechWarrior's complied and the Lancets started slowly closing in on the pirates, unfortunately, after less than a minute it became clear that the pirate's return fire had lessened considerably and when they finally made it to the burning outposts, they found nothing but a badly damage Goblin and Vedette. Both were dispatched quickly, unfortunately the rest of the pirates had managed to flee, using the thick smoke as cover. The Lieutenant cursed and then activated his mic, "Sixie, see if you can't spot them. If they're close enough we'll give chase. Otherwise, we secure what we can here." The Hauptmann isn't going to like this if they get away.
Brief Recap: While hunting for news on the elusive Catarina's Corsaris, the Yellow Lancets searched the planet Gotterdammerung based on poor intel. After a week of mostly fruitless searching, they came across an encampment of pirates. They were not the pirates the Lancets were hunting, but both forces fought and the Lancets were able to destroy most of the band and scatter the rest. The pirates were Abe's Terrors, led by Nayu Abe, they had a scattering of light and medium 'Mechs supported by light tanks.
Brief Recap: While the Lancets were investigating settlements on Last Chance for any sign of Catarina's Corsairs, the old Lieutenant had a sneaking suspicion that they were being followed. Eventually, he was proven correct when the pirates, tipped off that the Lancets were looking for them, set up an ambush in the wilderness. Luckily, the pirates tripped up and the Lancets were able to respond adequately and despite taking serious damage, including the loss of Arc's Hunchback, they managed to repulse the ambush; destroying many of the pirates and sending the survivors fleeing.
Brief Recap: Using intel from the pirates captured in their previous fight, the Lancets, supported by their Liaison Officer in his Zeus and Sergeant Joan Hotchie piloting a salvaged pirate Vindicator after the loss of her Hunchback, were able to destroy the remaining pirate forces on Last Chance in a fairly straight forward battle at the pirate's base. The Corsair forces, led by Overseer Ren-qing Chin, put up a good fight but were ultimately destroyed.

After his capture, Overseer Chin was discovered to be the XO of the pirate band and he was eventually convinced to reveal the location of Catarina and the few remaining Corsairs.
Brief Recap: During a hard fought battle in a small town on Lackhove, the Corsairs eventually overpowered the Lancets. With their Shilone forced out of the sky by heavy damage, Hauptmann Jonathan Marshall's Zeus destroyed, the Lieutenant's Thunderbolt crippled and heavy damage to the remaining Lancets' 'Mechs they were forced to surrender to Catarina or be destroyed.

Only by offering to join the Corsairs and sweetening the deal by offering the services of the Wet Hen were the Lancets able to avoid either slavery or executions. If the Corsairs were not in such bad shape as well, it is unlikely they would have accepted the deal.
Brief Recap: After nearly a month of attempting to gain the pirate's trust, the Lancets got their chance for revenge. With many of the survivng Corsairs out on a raid, as well as Harper in his Jenner, Lieutenant Ezekiel planned with Sergeants Scarm and Hotchie to strike while the Sergeants were on patrol with some of the pirates and they would attempt to buy the Lieutenant time to power on his Thunderbolt.

It was a tough fight, but the Lancets came out on top and managed to subdue the pirates and rescue their own dependents and the Lyran crews with no losses and only minimal damage.
Brief Recap: Three days later, the rest of the Corsairs returned. The Lancets' ambush of the pirates was enough to win the day in the face of superior numbers. The Corsairs had a full lance of 'Mechs and a platoon of tanks in support. Catarina's Marauder was claimed by their Liaison Officer to replace his fallen Zeus, but the Lancets were awarded additional pay and salvage for going above and beyond against a threat that proved to be stronger than originally indicated.
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