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Full Version: 1st Callison Defenders
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The Hauptmann droned on and on about the colour of the suits he had worn at the most recent soiree he had attended off-world.

Subordinates tried to tune it out... and were just happy to have a chance to shut him up when the forward scout (a stinger) located enemy mechs.

"This is it. The Roughnecks are counting on us to attack as well!"

But the rain started to fall, churning the ground into mud. Worse, the Hauptmann decided - in true Lyran style - to leave behind the tanks then, and just let the weight of their mechs decide the battle.

It was a mistake. The Chinese Bandits picked off the Stinger mech, and then proceeded to isolate and destroy individual Lyran mechs. A lone Callison Hunchback with Lt Necipoglu engaged in a duel with a SCB Crusader that he mugged behind a hilll, however, blowing the mech apart. That same junior officer then rallied the remaining Defenders, having them fall back from position after position after the Hauptmann was finally, mercifully, silenced by SCB guns.

However, even the Lt couldn't stand up to the firepower of 2 archers and a warhammer that concentrated fire and destroyed their mech.

In the end, the Lyran tanks plodded thru the mud and rescue their mechwarriors... of which 11 of them were shot out of mechs and/or killed.
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