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Full Version: the Battle of Nox, 3052
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Defending Nox with 50 Com Guard Divisions, Precentor Martial Focht works on splitting up Clan differences and working against a foe that is hardly united in their strategy.
Nox - the site of the first large scale Battlemech engagement in history, would again suffer conflict - this time on a scale hitherto undreamed of, other than the Liberation of Terra.

Facing 25 Galaxies of troops, though many underbid their strength, and 9 Clans altogether.
5 Galaxies of Wolves
3 of Jade Falcons
3 of Ghost Bears
3 Smoke Jaguar
2 Diamond Shark
2 Hell's Horses
3 Nova Cats
3 Steel Vipers
1 Snow Ravens

The final results are in:

Wolves - win
Jade Falcons - draw
Ghost Bears - partial victory
Smoke Jaguars - loss
Diamond Sharks - loss
Hell's Horses - draw
Steel Vipers - loss
Nova Cats - loss
Snow Ravens - loss

Overall result; the Clans are forced to a truce for 15 years, with no worlds to be attacked lower than Nox.

The Inner Sphere breathes a sigh of relief and prepares for an uncertain future...
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