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Full Version: Satalice: The Day of the Cheetah
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Captain Kalavina Meksi paced through the assembled ranks of the Diamondbacks and Drakons who would be making the assault. Wrapping up his short final briefing he concluded, “On my homeworld, in the Draconis Combine, the Azami enclave is celebrating the day of the cheetah. To bring down his prey, the cheetah must be swift, and skillful, as we will be. It is a good omen. Get to your mechs. Good hunting.”

He strode over to a nervous Sarissa Royce and clapped her on the shoulder. “Do not be worried that the General accompanies us young Royce. This time, he is here to help us kill clanners, not judge an exercise. He is very skillful, and a fine warrior. But your papa, his mech is not so swift as ours, but he is very skillful too.” Meksi leaned in to whisper where only the two of them could hear, “And you and I both know, that someday, you’ll be better than both of them. You’ll make them proud. Now get up to your mech.” Reassured, Sarissa smiled back at him and raced for her mech.

Captain Meksi laughed and ran for his own gantry. It was easy to forget young Royce was still a kid, not even twenty yet. She had the gift sure enough, and enough courage for any two mechwarriors, but sometimes her immaturity came flooding out, and she still needed her old mentors.
“Crap! Cap’s down! Clannners got him!”, shouted a voice he didn’t recognize

‘Preacher’ Rosário looked to the sky and called out his own cry, “I’ve got visual! Chutes good! He’s going to make it!”

Another voice cut through the comms, and this one he did recognize. Anyone in the Roughnecks would have. General Ryland was as calm as if this were another briefing, not a fight to root clan diehards out of one of their last hidey holes.

“Roughnecks I am assuming direct command. Stick to the plan. We’ve got things well in hand here.”

He was right too. Despite the clanners throwing them a loop with a company of police mechs, the Diamondbacks were holding a line that kept them under the artillery, and it was killing them. Flying debris and fusion engine explosions told that story well enough.

Rosário smiled. Yes, if the clanners thought taking out a command mech was going to rattle the Roughnecks, they were in for a nasty surprise.
Astech Jerry peered at the battlefield around the side of his salvage truck. He could see the Diamondback’s mechs from here pretty well. His crew chief was going to be furious again. One of the wanna be hotshot mechwarriors had tried to fight his crab with no gyro, and the badger the techs had machined custom parts for looked like it had been mauled all over with a mech sized shotgun. Yep, his crew chief was going to blow a gasket again. But that was hardly the worst of it.

Jerry peered across the low ridge where he was working and swallowed hard. The worst was definitely just on the other side of that low ridge, barely out of sight. Artillery had left that part of the base a blasted hellscape decorated by burned out mechs and tanks. He swallowed again. And what artillery had left of the infantry down there didn’t bear thinking on, but it was going to haunt his dreams for a long time.
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