Dylan's BattleTech Mercenary Contract Generator/Negotiator
Version: 1.0 Beta 11
Licensed Under the LGPL 2.1
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Dragoons Rating Numeric Rating
Hiring Hall
Force Type
Mercenary Negotiator Actual Skill Modifier
(Optional, numeric [+6 is 6))
Mercenary Unit Skill
Unofficial Options Alternate Employer Negotiator
(Randomly generated)
More random contract length and payment - Not yet implemented.
Detailed Corporations - Not yet implemented.
(This affects the randomly generated contracts)
Hand of Fate - Not yet implemented.

Current TODOs:
  1. Add in "Era" Checking. This may be delayed a long time because it will be a PITA.
  2. Figure a way to use the "Against Clans" modifier... probably add more specific targeting charts that will be optional & work with Era once its in.
  3. Implement Observation mission type. Currently this generates an error.
  4. Implement the Covert Mission additional modifiers row from the Master Table. Currently "Covert" missions are generated without it.

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